Ghost Nerd

Advance Technology Consultation Company


 Welcome to our website.

Ghost Nerd might sound like an insignificant name, but allow me to explain the purpose of such insignificant naming.


Ghost presents the Artificial Intelligence, the unknown, the Supernatural. While Nerd presents a person obsessed with modern technology and how it can be utilized for good.


Since the invention of electronics our planet evolved dramatically. From guns, to radar, to laser, to long range missiles, to night vision, to satellite, to space and now colonising of the Moon and Mars!


All that said, it’s great! But are we up to speed with the trends and technologies available to us NOW and are we aware of the possibilities new technology has to the benefit of humans and nature?


Ghost Nerd is about people that understand the current technology; a company that research scientific technology available on the International market.


We assess the current conditions, identify possible flaws, establish perimeter radius of operation and clear the air of "noise", test new technology, report conclusions and recommendation.


Solution to the client: minimal interactivity between man and machine; machine being Intelligent.